Monday, August 24, 2009

Demigod - Oculus

Brad Wardell of Stardock outlines Oculus, the first free Demigod to be added to the game.

The idea with Oculus is to have a general that has some ranged weaponry.  In some ways, Oculus is a new type of general in that existing minions you acquire actually provide specific benefit to him.

Oculus is a Ranged General fighting for the Forces of Light. He wields a staff that shoots magical bolts.
Oculus is an offensive general using lightning for various effects. His Chain Lightning can arc through the enemy’s ranks, and he summons ball lighting that battle for a short period of time before exploding. He aids his allies by healing them when he takes significant damage, and he can restore their mana.
Oculus has significant magical skill, but a great deal of his power comes from synergy with his army.