Thursday, September 03, 2009

SupCom: FA Patch Released - Hell Freezes Over

A new patch has been released for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. Download here.




· Ensure that your currently installed version number is 3596 or 3599 (seen in the upper right corner of the main menu).
· Copy the patch locally to the target machine.
· Execute the patch by double clicking. Poor internet connection can cause delays in the initial authentication process. Normal install time is 5 minutes.

Patch Content:

· 'No Game ender' restriction changed to restrict T3 & T4 Artillery, Paragon, Novax and Yolona Oss

· 'No Nuke' Build restriction now correctly also restricts nuke carrying naval vessels, strategic missile defense buildings, and the experimental    nuke launcher.

· Cybran Hoplite health changed from 650 to 450.

· UEF Mongoose health changed from 900 to 650

· Seraphim T3 Engineer build rate increased to 20 from 15

· Aeon T3 Engineer build rate increased to 20 from 15

· UEF Engineering Station Rover rebuild cost increased to 250M 2500E 750 time from 50M 500E 150 time (only applies if its shot down). Build rate decreased to 15.

· Cybran Engineering Stations: T1 cost increased to 500M 2500E from 450M 2250E. T2 build rate decreased to 25 from 30. T3 build rate decreased to 35 from 45.

· T1 Bomber cost decreased to 80M 1400E 400time from 100M 2250E 500time
· Restorer max airspeed reduced to 8 from 10, health reduced to 6000 from 7200 and anti ground damage per shot reduced to 24 from 32.
· Reduce t1 & t2 transport costs, increase t2 transport hitpoints.
· Bug fix to prevent commander upgrades to be acquired at a lower cost through cancelling.
· Fixed restoration field upgrade and advanced restoration field upgrade to not repair the ACU.
· All Units shooting at the Seraphim ACU now aim at the correct bones instead of the feet.
· Pausing a Mass Extractor while in mass deficit does now correctly stop mass consumption
· Bomb drop prediction corrected on all T1 T2 T3 bombers
· Land Experimental cost increased ~20%, the cheaper ones increased more than the expensive ones (percentage wise).
· T3 Air and T3 Naval Factories changed: mass cost equals land t3 factory now.
· T3 Air Factory energy cost increased.
· Decrease T3 ship costs (~15%) and buildtime (cut in half for many).
· ACU Death nuke now does 50.000 damage to units, 2500 to ACUs and 500 to Buildings.
· T2 Mobile missile launchers damage increased 50%
· T3 Mobile missile launchers damage increased 100%
· Mercy fuel increased from 70 to 110
· T1 Transports can pick up ACUs again.

· Overcharge and Energy Storage gameplay improvement.
o Energy Storage now costs 250M 1200E (from 120M 2400E), stores 5000E (from 2000E),
o explodes for 2000 damage in a 5 radius (from 500 damage 3 radius), and has 500 health (from 1200).
o Start resources go to 4000E from 5000E, ACUs now generate 20E instead of 10 to compensate.
o Overcharge now costs 5000E (from 3000). Damage vs Units is unaltered, damage vs ACUs is 400 (from 100), vs buildings 800 damage (from 500).
o Overcharge has an increased damage radius of 2.5 (from 2), and a reload of 0.3 (from 0.2).
o Factories and Engineers no longer increase Energy Storage.

· Billy reload timeout increased to avoid rapid firing through assisting
· T1 Mass Extractor Health reduced to 600 from 800
· Increased Cybran Deceiver (t2 mobile stealth generator) speed, acceleration and brake to match the values of other factions t2 mobile shields
· Increase Shield ship cost by 30% from 1040M 10400E to 1300M 13000E
· T3 Nuke submarines conventional and nuclear weapon rebalanced:
· Seraphim Battleship now correctly plays a 'nuclear launch detected' sound when launching a nuke.
· The Novax now correctly launches its satellite when the player is at pop cap.
· Cybran Nuke Warheads now correctly detonate at their impact altitude, and not 20 units above
· Nano Regeneration now gives Seraphim SCUs the correct amount of hitpoints (14k instead of 45k)
· Seraphim SCU is no longer reclaimable
· UEF Lobo t1 artillery health changed from 205 to 200
· Cost (M, E, time) of T2 Gunships decreased by 20%

· Decrease T3 Air Transport costs by 30% (final E cost further adjusted by other changes)
o Landscout diversification:
o Uef damage = 4 (+2)
o Cybran cloak energy drain -5
o Aeon radar range +5, new health = 20 (-3)
o Seraphim radar range +5

· T3 Air Energy costs increased 50%, with the exception of the Solace and Air superiority Fighters, who increased +100%. The Mass cost and buildtime on all these Units stays the same.
· Restorers cost 50% more energy than a Air Superiority fighter now.
· UEF T2 Cruiser now can correctly use all weapons simultaneously
· Seraphim Advanced Regenration Field no longer provides a health bonus. It was permanent and wasnt removed if the unit left the aura.
· Lowered T3 Bomber maxairspeed by 1 (18 -> 17)
· Decreased Frigate & t1 submarine cost by 10%
· Buffed Cruiser Anti Air damage by 25%
· Made T2 tanks slightly tougher and slower. T2 tanks now move at a 2.5 - 2.7 speed now, and have 20-25% more hitpoints in return. Cybran t2 tank got buffed more as it was too weak compared to the others.
· Increase striker, aurora and thaam movement speed by 0.1 (from 3 -> 3.1 or 3.3 -> 3.4)
· Increase frigate anti-air dps to 15, attack boat anti-air dps to 35, and Battleship Antiair dps to 60
· Fix Fatboy, Monkeylord, Megalith and the brick being able to fire from shallow water,
being unattackable from land while doing so.
· Increase lifetime & Speed on T3 Torpedo bomber torpedoes to avoid units outrunning them.

· Cybran and Seraphim T2 Point Defenses dps increased.
o Cybran +20% damage
o Seraphim +10% damage

· Change Naval yards to be hit with torpedoes, collision box lowered by 1
· Hoplite now uses the correct amount of transport clamps
· Firebeetle changed to deal 4500 damage, health lowered to 300, Firing tolerance increased to 100.
· Transferred 2600 from the Harbringer�s shield to its health
· Gifting Units to allies bugs fixed
· Eye of Rhianne remote viewing radius decreased from 45 to 25.
· T3 SAMs costs reduced significantly from 1400M 12000E to 800M 8000E
· Seraphim cruiser direct fire Anti Air weapon and seraphim T3 Anti Air cannon building weapon improved muzzle velocity.
· Cybran Missille health normalized so that the parent missille has 1 health and the child missilles have 1 health each as well.
· Seraphim Battleship nuke no longer flies at very high altitude.

· AI
o AI will now build firebases
o AI will now build Percivals or Rhinos
o AI can now consistently transport all valid units.
o The AI unit groups that are assigned to guard bases will no longer attack all over the map
o The AI now fires the Experimental nuke launcher more than once
o AI now sends out more than only the first land scout
o AI now can build the Megalith
o Cheating AIs now actually use their experimental units