Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - Patch

A patch will be released tomorrow (11/05/09) for OPDR. You can read the release notes below:

  • 1. The game now displays the version number on the front end

  • 2. Video can now be captured with the software FRAPS.

  • 3. When using the Mission Editor, if the player clicks off the game in order to move an object in the mission editor, the game will now not loses focus.

  • 4. Gameplay online
    • Lag issues reduced for 32 players pvp
    • The Client and Host shooting are now synchronised. The client will no longer empty a magazine into a player and not killing him.
    • In an online game, the mines are now correctly synchronised. The player can place mines on the ground with no problems.
    • The weapon will now continue working if the player spam the fire button and the change fire rate button.
    • The Players will now position correctly when re-spawned inside a vehicle
    • Clients are now able to enter vehicles with no problem

  • 5. All sniper rifles will now have a sway effect

  • 6. When a building is destroyed any corpses that are within the building are removed, so they are not floating in the air.

  • 7. The inventory UI from the crate or corpse can now be opened correctly when the player is standing at distance.

  • 8. A rare online crash bug has been fixed when the Client is assaulting the fuel depot towards the end of the mission Bleeding Edge

  • 9. If the fireteams are following orders and then the player select an ROE order on all fireteams including themselves the orders will now be spread across all fireteams.

  • 10. On a Pvp game, the counter will now count correctly when the settings are restricted to no re-spawns

  • 11. Games via a private server and password are now correctly protected. The players will now require the password to join the game.

  • 12. The mouse wheel will now respond to the input control if the player enters a vehicle and continues to switch positions using mouse wheel.

  • 13. The player can now change weapon with number keys while in a vehicle

  • 14. The player can now scroll the list of names in the lobby using the middle wheel

  • 15. The reloading time is now correct when the player is going prone straight after firing a SMAW or Queen Bee weapons.

  • 16. The chat box will not overlap on 800x600 resolution

  • 17. In the polish SKU, the apostrophe key is now translated correctly when changing keyboard configuration in the Front end

  • 18. When exiting the credits, the heading will not transition twice.

  • 19. The game has been modified to only use the original data to prevent cheating or hacking by modifying the configuration files.

  • 20. Added script command OFP:setAIConfigPropertyValue to allow mission designers toverride the AI configuration values found in the global AIConfig.xml file in user generated missions only.