Thursday, May 06, 2010

Supcom 2 - Patch Released

  • Fixed a crash when performing a game save on Campaign mission 17, Surface Tension.
  • Fixed UI exploit allowing ACU duplication.
  • Fixed a skirmish/multiplayer crash when AI was attempting to use a Space Temple that had previously been destroyed.
  • Fix for AI hangup while targeting for Artillery and Tactical Missile Launchers at extreme range.
  • Fix to AI withholding resource reservations for construction units that have died.
  • Fix for AI factories getting stuck not building.
  • Fix for rare game crashes related to the AI resource manager.

  • Introducing the new advanced AI Overlord.
  • The AI Overlord can now direct multiple AIs in team-wide attacks and defenses against priority targets and threats (Easy AI will not participate in Overlord operations).
  • The AI Overlord can merge disparate AI platoons for game operations (Easy AI will not participate in merged platoons).
  • Added Main Menu buttons for viewing the ranked Leaderboards and the Global Chat Room.
  • AI can send and respond to distress calls from nearby AI allies.
  • AI can notify AI allies about priority threats such as Nukes and Artillery.
  • AI will now perform evasive maneuvering in close combat to mitigate damage from unguided munitions (micro).
  • AI will now redistribute excessive resources from the Slush bucket late game.
  • AI improvements in evaluating potential Landing Zones.
  • AI can now mix Experimentals with Conventional units into platoons on creation.
  • AI now considers mixed group strength when dispatching attack groups.
  • Added larger AI platoon sizes to accommodate mixed platoons.
  • AI will now build transports sufficient to handle extended mixed platoons.
  • Engineer platoons will now use Route threat checking when finding a place to build mass extractors.
  • Lowered Engineer extractor platoon threat threshold.