Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BFBC2 MythBusters - Episode 2

Do you play Battlefield Bad Company 2? Have you ever wanted to know?
  • Can you destroy glass with the defibrilator?
  • Can an AT mine kill a person with direct impact?
  • Is it true you can't kill an enemy if you don't hit him with the wheels of the ATV?
  • Is it true if you fly under a tank with the UAV and then go straight up, you can flip a tank over?
  • Can you repair the black-hawk while sitting in it?
  • Is it true on kill cam enabled servers, that after you killed someone if you look down the enemy won't know where you are?
  • Do bullets deal less damage after going through objects?
  • Can you destroy an enemy heli with the repair tool?

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