Thursday, October 14, 2010

Medal of Honor - Patch Notes

  • - Fixed a potential crash when using DirectX9 and switching kits/weapons 
  • - When connecting with a non-PunkBuster client to a PunkBuster server, the game would get stuck in “Joining Game…” This has been fixed
  • - Server browser would sometimes remain blank for 60+ seconds after a full refresh. It should now begin displaying results immediately, under any circumstances
  • - Server browser supports multiple game servers running on the same host IP
  • - Server browser bugfixes for “Quick Refresh” operation
  • - Server browser is less prone to shuffling the order of entries
  • - Ping reporting in the server browser is more accurate (in a few cases ping values would get assigned to the wrong server)
  • - Full refresh no longer tracks the first server that arrives in the list
  • - When trying to join a full server, an error message is now displayed informing the user that the server is full
  • - Imported anti-cheat functionality

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