Thursday, October 14, 2010

nVidia offers the constant smell of burning bridges says AMD

Image representing AMD as depicted in CrunchBase                               Image via CrunchBaseKitguru has an interesting Q&A session with Richard Huddy.
“With one exception, every game released through to 2012 will have been developed on AMD’s Radeon
We asked Huddy about the ways in which differences in hardware design translate into the DevRel push. “AMD being able to deliver DirectX 11 hardware into the hands of developers a full 6 months ahead of nVidia, means that with one single known exception, every game released through to 2012 will have been developed on AMD’s Radeon hardware. that gives us a huge advantage”.
Thinking about the $2M that nVidia paid to buy Crysis 2, we asked Huddy if he thought that nVidia now has a huge DevRel team working putting as many tessellation calls into the game as will fit.
Huddy declined to comment directly on that game, but he did speak about the Batman Arkham Asylum AA fiasco which saw 2 versions of the game released in quick succession following a global flame war across some of the most influential graphics forums on the planet.
He explained, “Batman used a deferred rendering engine. That creates a special situation for applying anti aliasing. There are well known ways of doing it and, as luck would have it, there is a vanilla implementation that works equally well on AMD and nVidia graphics hardware. Let me be clear, this method is well known, works well on AMD and nVidia cards and there is a minimum impact on performance for the customers who have bought the game”.
“Instead of releasing unified code that works on every customer’s card the same, nVidia got the first release of the game to detect if the installed card was a GeForce or Radeon and, if it saw a Radeon, it would turn off the AA feature”, said Huddy.
“The only person this harms if the customer who spent their hard earned money on a brand new game, believing that Batman Arkham Asylum had been written to work as well as possible on the customer’s system”, he pointed out. 
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