Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dungeon Siege 3 - PC Preview

Strategy Informer has small preview in regards to their short experience with a pre-alpha build of Dungeon Siege III for the PC:

In terms of game play the focus remains on classic hack and slash action with RPG elements and a whole heap of loot collecting. During the demo we played as the Guardian class, your warrior-like close combat archetype who relies on swords and shields. 

Again, Obsidian have tweaked and streamlined elements here to bring it up to date with modern games and to make DSIII as accessible as possible for newcomers. For example, they’ve added an optional Fable-style bread crumb trail that will guide players to their next quest objective. Also, fiddling around with potions is now a thing of the past since downed enemies now drop life bar renewing orbs instead. 

Head over to Strategy Informer to read their full Dungeon Siege 3 preview.
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