Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rift - 6990 Framerate Problems

Image representing Raptr as depicted in CrunchBase                           Image via CrunchBaseAre you experiencing framerate problems in Rift? Did it start happening recently? If you're using Raptr, Steam, or Xfire, this post is for you.

I had not played Rift in 2 or 3 days and recently upgraded from an AMD 5870 to and AMD 6990 video card. Needless  to say I was anxious to login and crank the settings to 10 and become lost in the world of Telara.

Immediately I experienced skipping/stuttering frame rates while at the login screen. This did not bode well. In game the problem was even worse to the point it was unplayable. I kept an eye on the framerate in game and noticed it was extremely sporadic. It would drop down to the teens at times... even when there was no action on screen.

My mind started thinking back to all the discussion on various forums of the "microstutter" that apparently plagues dual GPU cards. I exited the game and began to search the forums to find that people utilizing crossfire were vocal about framerate issues.

I launched the game again to start adjusting the in game settings one by to one to see if I could find some quirky culprit. That's when I noticed that the Ratpr box popped up at the bottom right to signify that in game chat was enabled. I knew this could be problematic as I was already running the Steam in game overlay.

I exited the game, adjusted my Ratpr game profile for Rift so that game time was still tracked but in game chat was no longer enabled, relaunched the Rift and BAM! Solid frame rates.
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