Friday, March 18, 2011

Will a 6990 fit in an Antec 900 two?

Antec TriCool LED Drive Bay Fan                Image by William Hook via FlickrThe answer is YES, a 6990 will fit in an Antec nine hundred two case. It will take a little time and patience, but the results are worth it. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics during the process as I was anxious to get the 6990 installed and unleash it on my unsuspecting games. :)

The 6990 exhausts hot air from both ends of the card so it is important to get this hot air out of the case quickly. This is one instance where the length of the 6990 (12 inches) worked in its favor as you will soon discover.

Ok, here we go.....

  • If they are not there already, move your hard drive(s) to the bottom drive bay.
  • Remove the top drive bay/fan assembly. 
  • De-attach the drive bay from the fan. As I recall it clips in place.
  • Unscrew the fan and flip it over to reverse the airflow direction so that it is blowing air out of the case. Be careful and take your time, Antec in their forethought provided enough slack in the wire to allow this to be done.
  • Remount just the fan assembly. You'll find that Antec also accounted for this in their design. 
You now have the clearance required to install your shiny new 6990 and have the added benefit of exhausting the hot GPU air from the case. 

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