Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dirt 3 - No Hardware Accelerated Sound

DiRT 3Image by Dekuwa via Flickr
Dirt 3 has finally arrived, but if you're among the rest of us X-FI owners your ears have noticed the glaringly obvious lack of hardware accelerated audio.

A user by the name of Diki on the official Dirt 3 forums has discovered that one can indeed enable hardware sound by modifying some config files, however, the soundscape  is incomplete. Noticeably the engine sounds are missing.

Community manager radMonkey chimed in on the thread indicating that hardware accelerated audio was disabled in the game due to development time constraints.

Unfortunately in the development time we had on DiRT 3 we weren't satisfied with the quality and level of support we we're able to implement for hardware sound. As a result removed the option from the game.
If you've found a way to enable the option or improve the audio experience then please feel free to share it, but make changes at your own risk.

This is quite disappointing as Dirt 2 provided the sweet sounds of hardware accelerated audio. If you would like to see hardware accelerated audio enabled in Dirt 3, do your part and register on the official forums and let your voice be heard.

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