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Battlefield 3 - Quick Tips & Tricks

Battlefield 3, Sniper
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Back with some more BF3 tips and tricks. Information is ammunition!

    Use the transport vehicles for which the name implies, TRANSPORTING troops. While it is true that the transport vehicles are equipped with weapons, that does not make them a harbinger of death. Instead, use the weapons in a defensive manner. The primary role of the transport first and foremost is to get troops back to the front lines quickly and efficiently. For example, if you're piloting the transport helicopters your main purpose is to circle around the objectives at a safe distance but close enough that soldiers can para jump to the objectives below. This is important because anyone on your team can spawn in a transport vehicle. This plays an even more important role on hardcore servers where squad spawning is restricted to squad leaders. BONUS TIP: The transport choppers can be repaired while in flight if an engineer aboard moves to the non ordnance occupied seat. (F5 & F6)

    Issuing orders is not about increasing the size of your e-peen, it's about creating a cohesive unit. If all members of the squad are actively following orders you've just increased your chance of success by 3 times. Squad members also benefit by receiving extra points for following orders whether they are offensive or defensive orders,. A successfully issued order will be indicated by a crosshair appearing around the square objective icon in the 3D space. How do you issue orders you say? Simple. Target an objective and press your "spot" key. (default is Q) The squad leader is designated by the star icon next to their name.

    Not only will you benefit by receiving extra points, but the squad and team as a whole will benefit. The power of a squad can only fully be realized when the members of a squad work towards a common objective and in close vicinity. When a squad stays together you are able to effectively cover each other and revive as needed. An ideal squad would contain 2 medics, support, and an engineer.

    Not only should you equip your squad perks once unlocked, but you should also be cognizant of what squad perks other squad mates have equipped so as not to overlap. This information is readily available at the lower left hand corner of your HUD - the squad roster. The first icon indicates the class or role of the soldier. The second icon indicates which squad perk is equipped. The third icon is a star which is reserved for the assigned squad leader. Squad perks are unlocked in the following order:  
    (Squad Sprint - Rank 23) 
    (Squad Ammo - Rank 26) 
    (Squad Flak - Rank 29)
    (Squad Explosives - Rank 31)
    (Squad Suppression - Rank 33)
    (Squad Cover - Rank 35)
    (Squad Frag - Rank 37)
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