Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Battlefield 3 - Quick Tips

BF3 is finally here, and as such I've taken a few moments to post a couple quick tips.

  1. DISABLE HYPERTHREADING. This is a big one. If you're experiencing stutter or microstutter, disable hyper threading in your BIOS. If you're a n00b and not sure how to tell if you have hyperthreading or not (hey, we were all noobs at some point) you can either look up your proc specs or check your task manager. (ctrl + alt + del) Chances are that if you see 6 or more cores on the performance tab then you have hyper threading.
  2. CHECK YOUR FRAMERATE. If you've been wondering how to check your framerate in BF3, wonder no more. Bring up the console by hitting the tilde key. (top left of your keyboard, looks like this ~) Type in the following command: Render.DrawFPS 1  The console supports tabs completion. To turn of the frame rate counter, change the 1 to a 0. 
That's all for now. I'll post more as they come to mind. See you on the battlefield soldier! Don't forget to drop by the TeamLQD BF3 Server for some fraggin' fun!

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