Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Guild Wars 2 beta signups open for 48 hours

You there! Quick! Do you want to play in the Guild Wars 2 beta? Well then, stop your lollygagging, pull your breeches up, and march yourself to the enlistment office sharpish, as signups are open for a 48-hour window.
The beta signup site will direct you to download a tool to scan your PC's hardware, to see if you match what developer ArenaNet's looking for, so you'll want to do this on your gaming mega-spiffo-ultra-rig rather than your grinding work PC.
While there's no indication of when signing up may get you into the beta, or any guarantee that you will at all, ArenaNet previously said that it planned to "aggressively ramp up" testing in March and April.
Guild Wars 2's beta signups will close on Friday, so get your form in while you can. The subscription-free MMORPG is set to launch some time this year.