Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Legend of Grimrock - Classic PC Dungeon Crawler Modernized

Legends of Grimrock

Are you old enough to remember old school dungeon crawlers? How would you fancy an old school dungeon crawler with modern visuals? If I've piqued your interest take a few moments to check out Legends of Grimrock which will be releasing on April 11th.

What's cool about it:

  • Explore a vast network of ancient tunnels, discover secrets, and find a way to survive in the perilous dungeons of Mount Grimrock.
  • Cast spells with runes, craft potions with herbs, and fight murderous monsters with a wide variety of weapons.
  • Create a party of four characters and customize them with different races, classes, skills, and traits.
  • Pure-blooded dungeon crawling game with grid-based movement and thousands of squares, riddled with hidden switches, pressure plates, sliding walls, floating crystals, forgotten altars, trapdoors, and more.

If you act fast, you can pre order for low price of $11.99

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