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Mass Effect 3 – Easter Eggs

The trilogy-topping Mass Effect 3 might be the most somber in the series — Earth is burning, aliens are bickering, and deaths are in the millions. Despite all that, it isn’t all doom and gloom for the Normandy crew. Throughout the game there are silly call-backs, funny moments, or hidden dialogue, all for you to discover. Keep scrolling below for a taste of all the Easter Eggs we can find for ME3.

Prepare to crush the campaign in Mass Effect 3 with our video walkthrough. For more pages like this, take a trip to our cheats page.

SPOILER WARNING: Mass Effect 3 Spoilers Ahead!

Boo the Space Hamster Easter Egg

[Video by IGN]

  1. Take the elevator, in the Normandy, to the Engineering Deck.
  2. Use the door to your right just as you exit the elevator and get down the steps into a red-light spot. This tucked away location is where Jack once stayed back in Mass Effect 2.
  3. Watch the floor for the Space Hamster, he’ll scurry about on the ground. He’s hard to spot, but you can see the interaction parentheses around Boo as he runs about on the floor.
  4. Chase the parentheses and get close to grab Boo. If he escapes into the pipes, don’t worry, keep searching the room and Boo will pop out again.
  5. If you’re able to grab Boo, return to your Cabin and interact with your new cage. Congratulations, you now have your Space Hamster pet!

Annoyed Salarian Easter Egg

[Video by Rooster Teeth]

  1. During your mission to save the Krogan Females, you’ll land at the Salarian Research Facility and meet with an unfriendly security captain.
  2. Take a look around, you’ll find a scientist working at a computer console to the right. Interact with his computer, and don’t stop. He’ll provide some laughs as he continuously gets angrier and angrier at Shepard.
  3. Check out the video above to get the full exchange. Enjoy!

Prejak Paddle Fish Easter Egg

  1. Before looking to find this fish in Mass Effect 3, load up Mass Effect 2. This is going to take awhile.
  2. First of all, you’re going to need to romance Kelly Chambers, your helpful red-headed aid. She’ll offer to talk to you about your crew between missions, but you’ll need to stop and ask how she’s doing every once in awhile. Eventually, you’ll get to the point where you can ask her to take care of your fish.
  3. Up in Shepard’s cabin, there’s a fish-tank. The fish inside will be fed by Kelly Chambers once she agrees, but there’s one problem — you don’t start with any fish in the aquarium. The rest of the fish don’t carry-over into ME3, you only need the Prejak Paddle Fish.
  4. To get a Prejak Paddle Fish, go to Ilium and purchase it from a store called Memories of Ilium for 8000, or 6666 at an earned discount. Remember, Kelly Chambers needs to promise to take care of your fish. Otherwise, the fish will die between missions if you don’t feed it yourself.
  5. With the fish still living, eventually you’ll reach a point where your ship is attacked by the Collectors and your crew kidnapped — including Kelly Chambers. You’ll need to feed your fish and take off for the Collector Base right-away. If you wait too long to attack the Collectors, Kelly Chambers will die with the rest of your crew.
  6. Attack the Collector base, save Kelly, make sure the Prejak Paddle Fish is bought, and make sure she’s romanced enough to promise to take care of your aquatic friends. With all that done, you can jump into Mass Effect 3.
  7. NOTE: Romancing Kelly Chambers will not negatively impact any other relationships in Mass Effect 2. Even when she (Erotically!) dances for Shepard.
  8. Carry-over your Mass Effect 2 save into Mass Effect 3. After a mission, you’ll be able to speak with Kelly Chambers with other refugees on the Citadel. Be patient, she’ll show up eventually.
  9. Talk to Kelly and she’ll give you the fish. Finishing ME3 with New Game Plus will unlock special secret intel for getting your precious fish back. Goodluck!

Blasto 6 Movie Poster

  1. To find this silly billboard, get yourself to the Presidium Commons. Use the stairs on the left side of the apartment area and you won’t be able to miss the huge poster.
  2. Interact to hear some choice lines from the film featuring Elcor and Hanar buddy cops.

Normandy Memorial

  1. After the first two missions and your return to the Citadel, Shepard will be able to get back to the Normandy.
  2. Enter the Crew Deck, and just across from the elevator is a new memorial documenting every character death from the previous two games.
  3. The names that appear on the memorial are completely dependent on your Character Transfer (Or lack thereof!) to determine who’s names appear.
  4. All the names of your previous crew from the SR-1 will always show up on the memorial.

What other Easter Eggs have you found? Leave us a comment!

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