Monday, April 30, 2012

Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter ends at $1.9 million

Shadowrun Returns

After Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter hit its original fan-funding goal of $400,000 within 28 hours, it was clear the campaign for a new cyberpunk RPG had (augmented) legs. Would-be deckers, street samurai and magicians came out in force to chip in, and funding finally wrapped up on Sunday with a whopping great grand total of $1,895,772.
The Kickstarter ended at $1,836,447, with pledges via Paypal made up the rest. Hitting the $1.75 million milestone means Shadowrun Returns will have the promised Physical Adept class too, a sort of magical ninja.
Shadowrun Returns will come to PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, and Android tablets. Check out our interview with creator Jordan Weisman for chat on Shadowrun, cyberpunk, the pressures of fan-funding, MechWarrior, and more of my blather.