Thursday, February 21, 2013

BF3 - Buttons Unclickable

Battlefield 3 Buttons Won't Click

I ran into a peculiar problem this week with Battlefield 3 while attempting to join multiplayer games in Battlelog; none of the buttons were "clickable".

Oh sure, I could click them...but nothing would happen. Below are things I verified/attempted to no avail:
  • Reinstall/validate extension
  • Tried multiple browsers - Firefox, Chrome, IE...all kaput.
  • Rebooted
  • Disabled pop up blocker

I chalked it up to a java problem due to all the patches recently and went on my merry way playing SMITE.


A day or two later was our weekly game night and guess what everyone wanted to play? You guessed it Battlefield 3 - so I took another stab at troubleshooting. Clearly the problem was not browser specific as all 3 browsers no longer worked. I then recalled that the only recent change I made to my system was updating my hosts file with the latest version from MVPS. I renamed my hosts file to hosts.tmp to rule it out and sure enough that was the problem. There must have been an entry in the hosts file that was conflicting with a connection required by BF3.

I plan on investigating with Fiddler to determine which entry in particular is causing the problem.

UPDATE: I've tracked the offending entry to "". Comment out this section from the MVPS hosts file and you'll be good to go!
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