Friday, March 01, 2013

Dish - Coupon Code

Dish Coupon Code

I recently switched from Cox Cable to Dish Network for TV services and find myself wondering why I waited so long to take the plunge.

The compressed Cox Cable signal doesn't hold a candle to the clarity I now enjoy from a direct satellite feed. My monthly bill has been reduced by 1/3 for the first year, and should still be 1/2 the cost of cable once the promotions and bonuses expire.

Which brings me to the point: Coupon Codes. A friend was nice enough to offer a coupon code which saved me $50 for the first month and will also knock $5 off his bill for 10 months for referring me.

Now that I am a Dish subscriber I have access to the same referral program.

If you're interested, send me a message and I'll email a $50 Coupon Code your way.

OK, I can see several people are visiting the page but no one is taking the time to submit a request, so I took the liberty of generating some coupon codes.

All I ask is that you provide a comment and with which number you grabbed as a common courtesy for others.

1.) Referral Gift Certificate Number: VCD0008866035
     Referral Offer Code: 01DIRWEBCD

2.) Referral Gift Certificate Number: VCD0008866010
     Referral Offer Code: 01DIRWEBCD

3.) Referral Gift Certificate Number: VCD0008866002
     Referral Offer Code: 01DIRWEBCD

4.) Referral Gift Certificate Number: VCD0008866028
     Referral Offer Code: 01DIRWEBCD

5.) Referral Gift Certificate Number: VCD0008866043
     Referral Offer Code: 01DIRWEBCD

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