Saturday, November 02, 2013

Battlefield 4 - Can't Bind Toggle Gadget

Battlefield 4 - Key Bindings Fix
If you're having trouble binding gadgets to non default keys, read on. I use the cursor keys for movement, so I needed the gadget bound somewhere besides the 3 key. Unfortunately, no matter what key I would try to bind "toggle gadget 1" to, it just flat out refused to work.

This was very frustrating when playing assault. I could hand out med kits all day long, but I couldn't revive anyone without fumbling through the mouse scroll wheel to whip out the defibrillators. By the time I was ready to yell "Clear!" it was too late. So...many...dead. If only I could have got the paddles out in time!

I spent a while googleing and was coming up empty so I headed to the official forums at which point I ran across a post by wazups2x

The fix is to bind "Select Gadget 1" and "Toggle Weapon Underslung" to the same key.