Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dolby Axon - Voice Chat Client

Screenshot of divided chat roomWhat is Dolby Axon? Looks like it's a new client to complete with Ventrillo but adds a few new tricks to the table. Sign up and join the beta test.

Dolby® Axon is a surround sound voice chat technology designed specifically for games and gamers. The Dolby Axon desktop client is a stand-alone chat application that you can use to party up, plan and execute a raid, and celebrate a victory. Now you can use Dolby Axon with any game.


Chat in surround sound: Multiparty chat just got a lot easier. With Dolby Axon you can instantly tell who's talking because the chat takes place in crystal-clear surround sound. Nobody does surround sound better than Dolby, and Dolby Axon delivers it over speakers or a headset.

Chat visually: Invite up to 50 people into a chat and see a visual representation of the chat room. Dolby Axon makes it easier than ever to see who's in the chat and who's doing the talking.

Divide and conquer:
With Dolby Axon you can quickly divide your chat participants into smaller groups for easier communication.

Organize your clan: The powerful features in Dolby Axon make it easy to organize your friends and guild mates.

Light on its feet:
Dolby Axon sets a new benchmark for audio quality on a low-bandwidth diet.