Monday, February 13, 2012

Battlefield 3 - Don't Revive Me, Bro!

I just have to get this off my chest as in game isn't the most appropriate place to do so. Prepare to engage rant mode.

So, if you've ever played the medic role in BF3 you've probably come across a particular class of player who is nothing short of remorseful that you bothered to sprint across the battlefield dodging mortars and ducking fire to resuscitate said individual.

These ungrateful "team"mates all usually spout one of two arguments:

  • You're messing up my K/D ratio!
  • Don't revive people if it's not clear!

Both of these arguments ridiculous and I'm going to point out why.

First, being revived does not hurt your kill to death ratio. If anything, it helps your stats because you will not accrue an actual death against your score card until you respawn! A resuscitation is not a respawn. 

Second, one can never be certain that the immediate area is clear of present danger. An opposing soldier could run around the corner at any moment and take us both out. A sniper could have been lying in wait 300 yards out. A mortar could fall from the sky at any moment and incinerate us both. 

Take also into consideration that a medic only has approximately 5 seconds to revive your ungrateful self before you bleed out. That doesn't leave much time for performing a full perimeter sweep, now does it?

Now consider that a resuscitation can be a game changer when playing rush mode. Whose to say that your revival might not be the one that goes on to disarm/arm that final mcom? On second thought, probably not because if you're the type of player that's complaining about how and when you're revived you're probably not playing towards the team objective anyhow.

Rant out. 

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