Monday, April 23, 2012

Player Cuts Together Uncharted as Movies (VIDEOS)

Uncharted Movies

High five to Reddit user morphinapg, who managed to make movies out of the Uncharted series without involving Mark Wahlberg or terrible ideas.
Instead, morphinapg used in-game footage and cinematics to cut together the three games as films, keeping gameplay to a minimum in order to move the story forward without plotholes, and focusing completely on the story. The result: Three Uncharted movies that tell the stories of the games without the pesky multi-hour investment of playing through them multiple times. Kinda gotta say, I dig it.
We’ve got all three videos embedded below, but be warned: not only are they pretty long, they’re hard to stop watching once you start. Meantime, check out morphinapg’s YouTube Channel right here.

Thanks, Eurogamer.