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BF3: Close Quarters Weapon Breakdown

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Weapons Breakdown

The release of the Close Quarters (CQ) expansion pack for Battlefield 3 has brought forth new weapons. With that, you may be scratching your head wondering which weapons should be utilized for a particular scenario. Below I will break down each weapon with a short description for quick consumption.

Assault Weapons 
Battlefield 3: Close Quarters AUG A3 Breakdown
The AUG A3 is an Austrian bullpup assault rifle that is best suited for close quarters combat. The design of the A3 affords increased from the hip accuracy while allowing faster target acquisition when compared to weapons like the m416. 

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Scar-L Breakdown
The Scar-L includes a 30 round magazine compared to the engineer counterpart, the Scar-H which holsters a 20 round magazine. The Scar-L fires the same size round as the m416 but offers increased handling due to it's slower rate of fire. Because of this, the Scar-L is best used in mid to long range situations. Overall the Scar-L is a balanced weapon and offers good accuracy. 

Engineer Weapons 
Battlefield 3: Close Quarters MTAR-21 Breakdown
The MTAR-21 is an Israeli bullpup carbine which is derived from the TAR-21 rifle. The MTAR-21 offers the highest rate of fire for an engineer weapon as of yet. However, this high rate of fire directly correlates to this weapons inaccuracy. This weapon is best suited for close range engagements.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters ACW-R Breakdown
The ACW-R is an American weapon which uses a 6.5mm special forces round for short barreled rifles. This weapon offers a bit more range and control over the Scar-H due to reduced recoil. However, this weapon offers reduced close encounter survive-ability when compared to the other carbines at the engineers disposal.

Support Weapons
Battlefield 3: Close Quarters LSAT Breakdown
The LSAT is a prototype weapon that is engineered to be significantly lighter than typical light machine guns. As such, the weapon offers good mobility making it ideal for close quarters combat, but can also fill the long range suppression role when equipped with a bipod. Performance wise, the LSAT would be a blend of the characteristics of the M27-IAR and the M249.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters L86A2 Breakdown
The L86A2 is a light support weapon used by the British army and is equipped with a 40 round clip. (as opposed to belt fed) This weapons affords mobility bonuses and increased accuracy while also providing great long range suppression fire when mounted on a bipod.

Recon Weapons
Battlefield 3: Close Quarters M417 Breakdown
The M417 is a semi automatic marksmen rifle with a 20 clip magazine and fires high impact 7.62 NATO rounds. This offers recon players an alternative to the SKS. The M417 is less accurate than the sniper rifle class weapons.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters JNG-90 Breakdown
The JNG-90 is a bolt action Turkish rifle that many consider to be one of, if not the most accurate sniper rifle in the world. This is your go to rifle for high stopping power at extreme range.

General Weapons
Battlefield 3: Close Quarters M5K Breakdown
The M5K combines a small clip with powerful rounds and is the classic definition of a "spray and pray" weapon. This gun offers great mobility and a high rate of fire but suffers in accuracy which makes it ideal for close quarters.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters SPAS-12 Breakdown
The SPAS-12 is an Italian made pump shotgun which provides high accuracy with a tight spread. This shotgun offers a great blend of speed with semi automatic capabilites and a tight choke.

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