Monday, September 10, 2012

SMNC - Tips for Beginners

How To Play Super Monday Night Combat

What is Super Monday Night Combat? Well, it's like Monday Night Combat.... except... Super. I admittedly own Monday Night Combat but never really got into it. The concept was foreign to me at the time so I quickly lost interest.

Fast forward several months later, and I'm hooked on Smite. The concept was easy to pick up as I was familiar with Demigod and League of Legends. It was easy to make the leap as the gameplay mechanics in Smite were similar to previous MOBA's, the major difference being the change in perspective.

Super Monday Night Combat recently went free to play and I figured I'd give it a shot since I had something to equate it to and  I'm really enjoying Smite.

Think of SMNC as Smite.... with guns... add in two scoops of bizarre antics and you'll quickly get a feel for what the game has to offer. Even with the familiarity of the MOBA genre, there were still several things I didn't quite understand so I spent some time watching some tutorial videos.

I'm sharing the notes I jotted down from watching RorusRaz's, "How to Play Super Monday Night Combat".

  • only bots can bring down shields on turrets.
  • the turret shields will regenerate after a certain period of time
  • you cannot rebuild or repair turrets
  • slim bots = weak
  • shady bots = stronger
  • each pro has 5 skills - 3 unique and 2 universally passive
  • yellow bar is armor
  • all pros have a grapple ability
  • you can break a grapple by juicing
  • chicky is the equivalent of the Fire Giant in Smite. Killing chicky provides a team bonus.
  • jackbot is very powerful but susceptible to grapple. can be purchased for $4k. will also spawn naturally in late game.

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