Friday, August 21, 2009

Crysis Wars - Free Summer Trial

Crysis Wars trial week is taking place from Friday August 28th until Friday September 4th. You can now download the complete Crysis Wars game and install it on your computer for free. (don't forget the latest patch) From then on, you will be able to play on a LAN with your friends without any time limitation. This is the best opportunity to check the gameplay, adjust the settings to your preference (from best performance to best visuals), and train with your friends on a LAN, in preparation for the online week. You will not be able to play online during this time.

This Friday August 28th, starting at 9pm CET, MyCrysis members will be able to log into MyCrysis and by following a simple link they will be able to claim their Free Trial CD-Key. This trial CDKey will only be valid for your MyCrysis account, and will allow you to play online for the whole week. By the end of the week, your trial CDKey will be deactivated and you will have to purchase the game to keep playing online.

Click here to watch a tutorial that explains Power Struggle mode.