Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ford Racing Transmission Cooler - Installed

Ford Racing Transmission Cooler
Ford Racing Transmission Cooler
I just finished installing a Ford Racing Boss 302 Transmission Cooler on my 2014 Ford Mustang GT. Installation was a breeze. Just remove 4 bolts that hold the existing brace, slap on the tranny cooler and tighten the bolts. It takes longer to jack up the vehicle and set it back down then it does to install the transmission cooler.

While this particular Ford Racing transmission cooler is a passive design, it has been proven to lower transmission fluid temperatures 20-30 degrees.

As an unexpected bonus, I discovered the source of a metallic rattle I had been hearing since my Mangaflow X-Pipe was installed. Turns out the bolts on the clip just needed a few more cranks to be nice and snug.

I've read a few stories of the Mangnaflow pipes being shipped with defective cats, so I was much relieved to discover a simple and free fix.

Magnaflow X-Pipe Rattle Fix
Tighten Me - I could be loose...